Artifact G | Distinctive Contribution

New International Student Online Orientation – Seattle University (SDAD 5640 & 5660)

This artifact contains the New International Student Online Orientation created for the International Student Center at Seattle University in Spring 2019 and implemented for Fall 2019. Artifact E was produced during my 200 hour internship (SDAD 5640 & 5660).

Artifact G demonstrates the evolution of student services through the integration of technology in order to more accurately meet the needs of incoming students.

Artifact G addresses the following learning outcomes:
#1. Understanding the foundations and emerging nature of the Student Affairs profession and higher education
#2. Understanding students and student issues
#3. Exhibiting professional integrity and ethical leadership in professional practice
#5. Adapting student services to specific environments and cultures
#6. Developing and demonstrating skills in leadership and collaboration
#7. Utilizing assessment, evaluation, technology, and research to improve practice
#8. Communicating effectively in speech and in writing
#9. Understanding issues surrounding law, policy, finance, and governance
#10. Establishing and enhancing professional identity