Artifact E | Professional Letter of Promise

Letter from Internship Supervisor (SDAD 5500 & 5650)

Artifact E contains a letter written from my Seattle University site supervisor, Marie Johnston. The internship was located at the International Student Center (ISC) during Spring and Fall 2019. The basis for this internship was recreating the new international student orientation into a flipped style orientation program utilizing online modules Canvas. I researched current best practices, creating the curriculum for the new online orientation, developed the Canvas course and in-person workshop schedule, conducted assessment, and shadowed ISC advisors.

Artifact E demonstrates my contribution to ISC, the translation of my passions for international education and law into practice, and my professional growth.

Artifact E addresses the following learning outcomes:
#2. Understanding students and student issues
#3. Exhibiting professional integrity and ethical leadership in professional practice
#5. Adapting student services to specific environments and cultures
#6. Developing and demonstrating skills in leadership and collaboration
#7. Utilizing assessment, evaluation, technology, and research to improve practice
#9. Understanding issues surrounding law, policy, finance, and governance
#10. Establishing and enhancing professional identity