Artifact C | Best Academic Work

Critical Issues Paper- Leadership and Governance (SDAD 5760)

The artifact I chose to represent my best academic work that reflects Jesuit context and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is a paper I wrote for SDAD 5760 in Winter 2019. This paper examines the critical issue in higher education of controversial building names on college campuses and presents recommendation to leadership who face this issue and for institutional change. This paper is a culmination of investigation of scholarly articles, an interview with Seattle University cabinet member, and an exploration of current practices.

Artifact C demonstrates my ability to critically analyze an issue, recognize implications for practice, identify the impact of the historical foundations of our nation, and examine current policies and practices to inform recommendations.

Artifact C addresses the following learning outcomes:
#1. Understanding the foundations and emerging nature of the Student Affairs profession and higher education
#2. Understanding students and student issues
#4. Understanding and fostering diversity, justice and a sustainable world formed by a global perspective and Jesuit Catholic tradition
#8. Communicating effectively in speech and in writing.
#9. Understanding issues surrounding law, policy, finance and governance