Artifact D | Best Demonstration of Professional Practice

Student-Athlete Facilitation Guide – University of Washington Internship (SDAD 5650)

The artifact I chose to represent my best demonstration of professional practice is a facilitation guide for student-athletes I created as a part of my Fall 2019 internship (SDAD 5650). In a conversation with my supervisor, it was brought up that student-athletes often find themselves in facilitator roles without having a foundational facilitation toolkit to help them succeed. From this conversation, I had the idea to create this guide as a foundation resource for student-athletes to use as a starting point.

Artifact D demonstrates my ability assess student needs, learn from other professionals, and create practical solutions to best support students. In additional, this artifact displays my leadership and the initiative I take in my work.

Artifact D addresses the following learning outcomes:
#2. Understanding students and student issues
#3. Exhibiting professional integrity and ethical leadership in professional practice
#5. Adapting student services to specific environments and cultures
#6. Developing and demonstrating skills in leadership and collaboration
#8. Communicating effectively in speech and in writing.
#10. Establishing and enhancing professional identity