Artifact B | Mission Statement

Integrated Mission Statment (SDAD 5900)

Artifact B contains my integrated mission statement created in Capstone (SDAD 5900) during Fall 2019. This mission statement represents the past, present, and future of my career as a student affairs practitioner.

Artifact B demonstrates the the values and driving factors that inspire my work and the growth of my professional identity through reflection in the Student Development Administration program.

Artifact B addresses the following learning outcomes:
#3. Exhibiting professional integrity and ethical leadership in professional practice
#6. Developing and demonstrating skills in leadership and collaboration
#8. Communicating effectively in speech and in writing
#10. Establishing and enhancing professional identity

“People change people”

— Cory Matthews, Girl Meets World

This simple Disney Chanel quote revolutionized my concept of who I am and my life purpose.  It has been central throughout my professional journey and has evolved into my life philosophy. For the good and the bad, I am who I am because of the people who have come in and out of my life. These words also serve as a constant reminder that we are not in this world alone and our actions have an effect on those around us and on those to come.

As a first-generation college student, ever step I have taken forward in my educational career has forged a new path that someday I hope others like me can follow. As I enter into my professional career, I will continue forging paths, creating new opportunities, and working to dismantle injustices within the educational system to hopefully leave this world better than when I entered. In the words of Gloria Burgess (2016), I will be a bridge builder. I will never forget those who built the bridges I walked over to get to where I am today, and my gratitude is what powers my will to do the same. I will continually work to build bridges for the next generation so that they can continue the cycle for generations to come.

My core values of authenticity and solidarity will give purpose to my work as I aim to share my story to empower and inspire other Latina students to pursue their dreams and passions. I am committed to showing that a first-generation American Latina woman can be an educated leader in our society and that we do belong. These identities, and others I hold, are something I take great pride in because every day they help me to impact this world.

Everything I do is for those who came before me and those who will follow because people change people and that is how the world is transformed. As I look forward, this mission statement will serve as my constant reminder of what drives my passion to pursue student affairs and a foundation for all my work as a practitioner.


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