Artifact F | Professional Development & Action Plan

3 Year Professional Development & Action Plan (SDAD 5900)

Artifact F contains my professional development and action plan created in Capstone (SDAD 5900) during Fall 2019.  In this artifact, my goals for each year are outlined as well as the action steps I plan to take in order to achieve the goals, and the competency areas I will focus on over the next 3 years.

Artifact F demonstrates my continued commitment to my professional development and growth.

Artifact A addresses the following learning outcomes:
#1. Understanding the foundations and emerging nature of the Student Affairs profession and higher education
#3. Exhibiting professional integrity and ethical leadership in professional practice
#6. Developing and demonstrating skills in leadership and collaboration
#7. Utilizing assessment, evaluation, technology, and research to improve practice
#9. Understanding issues surrounding law, policy, finance, and governance
#10. Establishing and enhancing professional identity